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During this summer of non-motorcycle racing I have been looking for sponsors and staying fit with a few triathlon races. My goal for this year was to compete in the Ironman series 70.3 race. That ½ Ironman distance consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bicycle ride and finished up with a 13.1 mile run (which is half marathon length).

This was my first endeavor at this length and I was hoping to finish under the 5 hour mark but that was not to be. I’m still new at the triathlon racing and I continue to learn from each event, but it goes a little bit better every time. The swim went relatively well and I finished that in 42 minutes. One thing I have learned is that you have to warm up before these events because your body cannot go from a complete resting state to all out competition. In one of the shorter triathlons I did I was not able to properly warm up and got about 50 yards offshore and started to hyperventilate. The other challenge during the swim is actually swimming in a straight line. Swimming in Lake Michigan with the waves coming at you from the side make it a lot harder than swimming in a pool.

I had 2 small errors during this race but I tried not to let them disrupt me very much. The first issue I had was that I lost 3 out of the 4 gel packs I had in my triathlon suit in T-1 (the transition area between swimming and bicycling). I did not realize this until I went to get my 2nd gel during the bike leg. At that point I was behind on my meal plan and at the next aid station I was only able to get one more gel because I dropped the banana that I tried to get. Nutrition in a race of this distance is very important. Your body can only absorb so many calories and you don’t want to get an upset stomach during the middle of a race. But you need to intake the proper amount of calories so you don’t run out of energy. I was able to maintain a decent pace on the bicycle and according to the Ironman website I was averaging just over 20 miles an hour. There was some pretty decent wind on the course and I had most of my calories dialed in for the beginning of the bike leg so I could taper them down before the run and then pick back up more calories after I settled into the run. I finished the bike leg in 2 hours 46 min.

The last section of the race is the run and I was not able to maintain the pace I wanted. During the run I was only able to average about 8-9 minutes a mile which was underneath my personal goal to be below 8 minutes a mile and closer to the 7 minute mark. The run was fairly difficult with several elevation changes and 3 very large hills. One of the hills was right out of the gate which I studied and knew not to waste a whole bunch of energy going up that right at the beginning of the run. I was able to keep any major issues from happening and overall this first half Ironman race was a success! The day was a great day and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. My run took me just under 2 hours and my total overall time was 5 hours 36 min.

Thanks to all the sponsors and all the people who came out to cheer all the triathletes on!
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