WWB-round-fast-rwbWorldwide Bearings was created in 1994, We are the world’s largest supplier of bearings for the powersport industries. Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Go-Kart, and Watercraft. We specialize in high performance applications as well as everyday rebuilds. No order is too large or too small for us to handle. We work closely with a few bearing factories and are happy to quote on special sizes made to order.

We don’t simply sponsor world-class teams and athletes, we work extremely closely with them and use their expertise and feedback to help us develop the next range of products. This, combined with our passionate commitment to innovative design, research and development, materials and manufacturing processes, ensures we deliver technically superior components that deliver the ultimate performance that riders demand, and all at competitive prices.

InsideTrackerOptimize Your Body’s Performance! Sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you. Get your personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations now.

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referral-discount Use referral code: 221216 for 15% discount and also receive some great free samples. Hammer Nutrition makes high quality Fuels and Supplements for Endurance Athletes since 1987. They provides superior products & unbeatable customer service. With a large Knowledge base it is easy to find the best products for each individual. From Pre-work out to Post-workout, nothing Beats Hammer Nutrition!

Restorative Spot is a state-of-the-art facility that provides the tools and recovery products necessary for those in need of relaxation and repair. The techniques and services available are those that are typically only for professional athletes in larger cities.


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We created the first wetsuits for triathlon in 1984. At this time triathlon was in its infancy and the need for wetsuits specially made for triathlon was finally there.

AQUAMAN put together the first wetsuit which could provide warmth, freedom of movement, low water friction, and easy to take off. This was in 1986 when triathlon began to take off all over the world, the other companies started to make wetsuits for triathlon too but by that time AQUAMAN was technologically superior, and still is to this day.


polar_logo-webListening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story. Polar helps you get under the skin of your training. We attribute it to a combination of expertise in sports, physiology and electronics, coupled with a deep understanding of customer needs. It’s no surprise then that we’ve been leading the way in technological innovations and heart rate monitors since 1977.And we cater to all levels of fitness by offering a comprehensive product range, along with essential support and advice. Everything from improving an athlete’s sports performance to helping people enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and aiding rehabilitation and weight management.

This desire to be the best is made possible by ambitious and highly talented professionals who still believe as passionately in what we do today, as we did over 30 years ago. And our success is clear to see. Today, Polar employs 1200 people worldwide, manufactures all products in its fully owned factories, has 26 subsidiaries globally and manages a distribution network supplying over 35,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries. Now that’s what we call the power behind Polar.

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