Good Results for Mike Morgan at Road America Race

RIM Racing

The second race of the season for RIM Racing’s Mike Morgan took place at round 5 of the AMA Go Pro Daytona Sportbike race in beautiful Road America Wisconsin.  With a better base after Road Atlanta and a fresh motor, solid results were expected by Mike.

Mike Morgan:

“The bike was pretty good right out of the gate.  After Road Atlanta several small things were sorted out so we were able to get up to speed a lot faster this round.  After a few suspension changes I was feeling pretty good”.

Qualifying inside the top 20 put me in a much better position to finish well.  I did botch the start by pulling a monster wheelie so I had to be a little more aggressive in the first few corners to regain my 19th place starting position.  On lap 2 things got a little exciting when one rider blew a motor right in front of me on the front straight.  I was lucky because there was one other rider between me and the rider with the engine failure.  So I was spared most of the oil spray.  After the pack spread out I was engaged in a battle for 20th with other rider that had a very fast bike.  Even in the draft I was not able to pass the rider.  We traded the position several times and in the end I ended 20th in race 1.

Race 2 provided a lot more excitement and racing.  Starting inside the top 20 really helps and I need to continue this new trend at the next round.  I was able to stay with 2 other fellow riders I knew with one other rider for a 4 way battle that was great fun, this time fighting for 17th!  It was a great race and no one could really break away from the others because the draft at Road America is so important.  The forth rider in the group made a mistake on the brakes after the middle straight.  He got sucked into the draft and missed his break marker trying to pass me.  So he blew the corner and ran way wide.  This left the 3 of us to fight it out.  I made one mistake on the last lap that blew my chance of regaining 18th after running as high as 17th.  I was planning to draft by the others on the run to the finish but almost ran off the track loosing to much ground to use the draft.  Ending in 19th was still a good result and happy with 2 top 20 finishes.  Thanks to all the sponsors and fans!

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